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Point of sale software

Point of Sale Software

Affordable EPOS software for small and mid size businesses from $49.00
Free trial download.

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Multi lane POS software

4-Shop SC Multi Lane POS Software

Easy network setup POS for outlets that require up to 5 sales points. Single payment $64.00

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Website change software

Free Website Change Detection Software

Verification of files in a local folder to a website with a visual difference comparitive.

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Affordable effective software solutions

EPOS Software

Bibase Software has been providing the retail industry with cost effective software for over 16 years. Our point of sale products, 4-Shop, 4EPOS, 4POS and rental product 4POSRENTAL offer a user focused interface to enable use out of the box.
Drawing on our industry experience all programs also feature easy EPOS hardware peripheral setup.

  • Flexible friendly user interface
  • Secure operator logon
  • Proven robust design
  • Easy data import options
  • Free trial version downloads
  • No renewal fees
  • Modern products
  • Suitable for a wide range of businesses
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Other products

Windows 10 App for Point of Sale

4EPOS is full POS till software from the Windows Store. Free trial.
EPOS Software Linux Contract Bridge Simulation

Random deal contract bridge software for Linux. Free trial.


Rental software for Windows PC with comprehensive options, special offers and free live website inventory utilitiy.

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